Together, We Make a Difference

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The little girl who I gave the bag of clothes looked at me and she said ‘Happy, happy.’

— Rodney Barnard
Our trip to Belize

How it began

I know what you’re thinking, “What does a maid service company have to do with changing lives?” We didn’t know either — until our trip to Belize.

Every year, the MaidPro staff and franchisees takes a team-building Adventure Trip to a new destination. Planning the 2013 Adventure Trip to Belize, we decided to visit an orphanage in Belize. Beforehand, we asked the children's home staff what they needed. There was the expected items (clothing, shoes) and needs we wouldn’t have thought of like undergarments (because they can’t be passed down from child to child), printer ink, and even a WII controller.

So we packed extra suitcases — one for each child.

Although we prepared for the visit, no amount of planning could have equipped us for our experience in those few hours at the children's home. We were incredibly moved and inspired by the kids, who were overjoyed with the clothes and shoes, and even more just having us there to play, laugh, hug, and share.

Our Mission

The Mission

After the trip, we knew that we couldn’t let our experience become just another “nice memory” from that one time we went to Belize.

That’s how MaidPro Cares came to be.

Today, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization that strives to make a difference for orphaned children. Nearly 100% of our funding goes directly towards improving the quality of life for children living in group homes.

We work directly with the first line caregivers at each children's home to find out what that specific home needs. This might include providing technology to aid in education, improving orphanage properties, or taking on a host of other needs that might arise over time. While we rarely send funds directly, at times we travel to help onsite. Donating “stuff” is nice, but we go beyond that to make sure the children we help have a great foundation upon which to grow and thrive.

Get Involved!

Get Involved!

MaidPro Cares is supported through the outreach power of our 175 MaidPro locations throughout the US and Canada and many of our 100,000+ strong client network.

Our Founders Program is made up of MaidPro franchisees who share our passion for making a difference. Founders have helped MaidPro Cares since its inception through monthly donations. We’re also supported by MaidPro clients who simply contribute a few dollars per cleaning service.

Although these donations may seem insignificant by themselves...

together, we can make
a huge impact on children’s lives.