"We take for granted our refrigerator that keeps our food at safe temps, our clothes washer that is fast and efficient, or our windows that we can open and let the cool air in or close to keep out the rain. We've replaced windows and all of these appliances at Liberty Children's home and believe me, it was really needed! The kids were so happy!"

— Nichole Kambesis, MaidPro Cares Founder & Mission Trip Volunteer

In the final month leading up to 2019, Richard Sparacio, MaidPro Cares Founder & President, made a solo trip to Liberty Children's Home in Belize for a wellness check-up on the staff and children. Bringing along holiday gifts and cheer, he was greeted with open arms by many familiar faces and even some new. MaidPro Cares is proud to announce that over the last year, The Liberty Children's Home has been under new management and is doing better than ever. MaidPro Cares was happy to have aided in the transition and will continue to support the home and their projects.

Liberty Children's Home is the primary living location for upwards of 35 children, many who have been neglected, abused, and have serious illnesses. While a handful of the children are waiting to be reunited with family, many will live there until they are adopted or turn 18. We are working to help all the children thrive and grow physically and emotionally regardless of their situation.

In February of 2019, MaidPro Cares founders, Mann Luu, David Buckler, and Yohanni Hedges, made a trip to the home to complete multiple projects including new windows, new fencing, building staining, new storage & appliances, and electrical fixes. While they were there, they also set-up plans for future repairs. The children were elated to see their MaidPro family and, as always, we're delighted to have a family pizza party! What a treat!

When we first started to visit the children at Liberty, we would load ourselves with toys for the children. After some time, the staff approached us and asked us to re-think our giving methods. Instead of toys, provide educational materials. Instead of movies, teach the children a craft. We have taken this to heart and encourage all our donors and volunteers to pick a specific educational item or skill to pass on to the children when they attend a mission trip.

This past June we had another group of MaidPro Cares Founders, Mark Kushinsky (CEO), Mann Luu, Kathryn Boyce, Nichole Kambesis, Christ Kambesis, visit the home and attend some of the children's high school graduation. During this 3-day trip, they were able to celebrate the children who graduated and surprise them with gifts to help with their college and career goals. They were also able to repair windows, replace the kitchen refrigerator, fix electrical outlets, and replace the washing machine.

Our next trip is scheduled for October. During this trip we hope to complete the kitchen remodel and start on the next round of projects. We are currently raising funds for the kitchen as it will be a full overhaul and a large financial undertaking. We are happy to say the children are thriving and smiles are abundant. We have truly become like family to them and we are looking forward to building our relationships with the home over the coming years.

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Nichole fixing windows in the boys dorm
Nichole fixing windows in the boys dorm

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