As the Liberty Children's Home grows, they oftentimes receive new orphans without notice. Although the orphanage willingly takes all children who come, finding room for everyone can be difficult. For those children who never get adopted, they often find difficulties when transitioning into adulthood and leaving the orphanage. In order to help these older children make that next step in their lives, the orphanage had the idea of transforming an old barn into a new dormitory. However, with the limited funding that the orphanage has, this project seemed out of their grasp – until now.

MaidPro Cares found a contractor who was able to assess the current barn and give a timeline and quote for the project. When the proposed idea was presented to the founders, they were not only in favor of the project, but also willing to go down to Belize and help. After speaking to the contractor and several founders, we created a plan to build the new dorm together. Construction is now underway and in late September, a group of founders will be heading down to Belize to finish the new dormitory.

This experience changes the lives of not only the children, but also the founders who see their contributions in action. Thank you to all those who have decided to make a difference by being a founder!

Together, we can make a difference!

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