April was a big month for MaidPro Cares in continuing to support various initiatives across two different organizations...

While helping out at the Rainbow Children's Home in Tortola BVI, MaidPro owners and staff were also able to visit the Autism Center located on the 2nd floor. Each volunteer left the Autism Center with an overwhelming interest in helping them acquire much needed resources in order to continue the selfless work they do each day. An item that was of highest priority to them was the sourcing of printer ink. They rely heavily on their copiers and printers to make resources for use in the center in order to help teach the children (and adults) they work with. MaidPro Cares was able to help out by purchasing ink for the next 3 months of use.

Two of the children at The Liberty Orphanage suffer from ailments that necessitate daily medications. The money needed to purchases these medications is not always readily available at the Home and there are times when the children are at risk of running out of these much needed prescriptions. MaidPro Cares is currently working with a local pharmacy in Belize to fund the children's prescriptions for the next 3 months. We plan to continue to provide the money needed to keep these children happy and healthy.

Towards the end of 2015, MaidPro Cares began the "dorm building" initiative for the young adults at Liberty Orphanage. Although there have been some delays in the completion of the dorm, things have picked up again and we are looking to be in great shape for moving the children in by the end of June! As of today, the painting is days away from being completed and then a good deep clean of the building is needed. MaidPro Cares will soon be wiring the money for the purchasing of the furnishings. Once the furnishings are delivered, the children can begin the move in to their new dorm!

Now that the dorm project is almost at the finish line, our next initiative will consist of replacing 14 toilets and one shower at the Liberty Orphanage during our next trip to Belize. If you are interested in donating towards our newest project, or know any friends and family members that would be interested in a one-time contribution, please visit our GoFundMe page.

Together, we can make a difference!

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