On Wednesday July 26th, MaidPro Cares held their 2nd annual Achiever’s Day in partnership with Friends of the Children, Boston at the home office.

Our home office staff welcomed a total of 8 children ranging in age from 9 to 14 years old. The day started off with our fearless leader, Mark, giving the Achievers an introduction to MaidPro and a tour of the home office.

After the tour, the Achievers and their mentors settled into the South Conference Room for a pizza party lunch and aspiration session with some home office volunteers. Brett (Coaching) showed off some of his ninja moves while getting all of the children to participate in a “dab” competition, while Ana (Coaching) worked with the children to fill out a “letter to their future selves.”

Next up was Evanna (Coaching) who led the children through their first ever meditation session where they worked to imagine and live out their dreams.

Krishna in our Technology Department talked about his dreams of being a fighter pilot and how he overcame obstacles to get his pilot's license, while Tom (Talent Acquisition Manager) let the children in on the 3 secret skills to master to get any job! Richard had the Achievers participate in some fun MaidPro trivia to close out the lunch session.

The most energetic and loud section of the day was when the kids got to spend some time at our in-office gym with Ricky, our personal trainer! He split the Achievers into two groups and led them through a fun and competitive game of “dumb bell tic-tac-toe.”

We closed out the day with a cleaning science experiment and swan towel making session with our resident Chief Cleaning Officer, Melissa. The kids were enthusiastic and energized being able to see firsthand some of the work our fantastic PROs do.

When it came time to leave, the 9 Achievers packed up their gift boxes and newly acquired “gratitude journals” with huge “Thank yous” and smiles on their faces. Another successful Achiever’s Day in the books for MaidPro Cares and the MaidPro home office.

Together, we can make a difference!

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