I believe we're put on this earth to be kind to others. I always hear people saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” Just because we don't experience situations in our daily lives, doesn't mean they're not happening somewhere else in the world. This is my story of how a mere four days changed my mindset about everything I thought I knew in life.

I'm very happy to work at a place that gives opportunities to do some good in the world. I went to Belize to help out at the Liberty Children's Home...but what I received in return from the children, and everyone I met, is something I will always treasure.

I was very much out of my element when we first arrived in Belize. Even the air smelled and felt different.

As we arrived at Liberty, the children welcomed us into their home in such a heartfelt and pure way. It was easy to tell by the smiles on their faces how ecstatic they were by visitors. They were so happy to know there were people who genuinely care; people who continue to come back year after year; people who keep the promise every time they say, "We'll see you again."

I learned so much about these children in such a short stay. I also learned so much about myself.

Everyone is dealt the hand they are dealt and if you make the best of it,
you can live your happiest life.

I've always found myself caring way too much about trivial things. The time I spent in Belize made me understand how people all over the world face hardships.

The hardships some of the children have had to face in their short lifetime were way bigger than anything I've ever had to face in my life. Even throughout their struggles, they've remained happy and content in their lives at Liberty.

"Everyone is dealt the hand they are dealt. But if you make the best of it, you can live your happiest life." I am truly amazed by their resilience; these children make me believe in silver linings.

They stole my heart in just a few short days, and I wanted to fix everything for them. And though I can't do everything, I know I can be there to listen. I can be there to comfort and care. I can be there to just be there, and all of that is more than enough. The children never asked us for physical things—they only asked that we remember them, to come back to visit, to be people they can look up to. And that’s what we did for them: We showed up, we cared, we consoled, we listened, and we were present.

I am so blessed to be able to see things from a different perspective. To say, “You had to have been there,” is an understatement. To this day, I still remember everyone’s faces. I remember their laughs. I remember the way their eyes lit up when they told me about what they want to do in life. It’s so hard to put into words everything I felt during my time at Liberty, but I assure you, being able to experience it is priceless. I will keep going back as many times as I can for as long as I can.

Together, we can make a difference!

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