While attending the 2017 MaidPro Adventure Trip, we both had an opportunity to visit the Shama Center in Peru. It was a humbling experience and an inspiration to see those who are doing whatever it takes to help save abandoned children.

The drive to the orphanage was an experience in itself; we drove past brick shack after brick shack layered on top of each other along the hillside. None of these shacks were enforced by any building code or inspection. Some were not even finished being built with people living in them. Their security systems? Shards of glass and broken glass bottles cemented to their roof tops and fences. It was apparent that there were no "luxuries" as we are used to in the United States, i.e. washer and dryer nor big screen TV's.

We knew we were in a foreign land that we were not accustomed to.

Upon our arrival, we had an opportunity to take a tour of the Shama Center. This orphanage consisted of one sleeping room, a small outdoor area, a kitchen, outside laundry, and an eating area. This was the home to 40 children ranging in age from infants to 8 years old. We delivered supplies to take care of their basic needs such as clothing, baby formula, condensed milk, toys and much more.

The best part of our visit was to meet and spend time with the children. Our hearts were touched as we were able to interact with them, play with them and eat lunch with them. The children, although they did not speak nor understand english, really connected with us as we did with them. It was the connection of wanting to be and feel loved. I recall vividly seeing a little girl grabbing Eddy's hand and taking him around their sleeping room showing him the babies in cribs sleeping.

There was also a little boy named Roberto who sat on Eddy's lap during lunch, as Eddy fed him french fries with ketchup. This little boy continued to follow Eddy around all day, holding his hand. I could see Eddy's eyes light up as this little boy truly touched his heart. Eddy even made a comment to me, saying "let's adopt!" We actually did come home and consider this possibility.

When it was time to leave, there was a lump in both of our throats. We could have spent a few days hanging out with all the kids. It was so incredibly hard to leave all of the children, but especially Roberto. We wanted to take them all home. We just wanted to continue to give them love.

Coming home, we felt a whole new appreciate for my children, our home, and all of the blessings in our lives. We are eternally grateful for each MaidPro Cares experience we are able to participate in. Our prayers are with the leaders of the Shama Center who make extraordinary personal sacrifices every day to save the lost and abandoned children of Peru.

Together, we can make a difference!

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